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Electric Bike battery 12v20ah 6-DZM-20 E bicycle battery Electric Scooter Battery 12V20Ah

Electric Bike battery 12v20ah 6-DZM-20 E bicycle battery Electric Scooter Battery 12V20Ah

    • Electric Bike battery 12v20ah 6-DZM-20 E bicycle battery Electric Scooter Battery 12V20Ah
    • Electric Bike battery 12v20ah 6-DZM-20 E bicycle battery Electric Scooter Battery 12V20Ah
  • Electric Bike battery 12v20ah 6-DZM-20 E bicycle battery Electric Scooter Battery 12V20Ah

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Jiangsu China
    Brand Name: YONDER
    Certification: CE UL
    Model Number: E BIKE 6-DZM-20

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 200pcs
    Price: 20USD
    Packaging Details: cartons
    Delivery Time: 20days
    Payment Terms: TT,LC
    Supply Ability: 200000PCS
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    Detailed Product Description


    Yonder electric bicycle bike battery  lead acid scooter batteries


    1.Basic Info.

    Model NO.:6-DZM-20
    Type:Lead-Acid Batteries
    Discharge Rate:Low Discharge Rate
    Shape:Square Battery
    Nominal Voltage:12V
    Usage:Electric Power
    Export Markets:Global
    Model Number:6-Dzm-20
    Dimension:180*76*172 Mm
    Brand Name:Yonder
    2. Feature:

    1) safety, environment friendly
    2) Long designing life-span and super long shelf life
    3) high technology to make battery more stable
    4) High quality battery case

    3. Application:

    Electric vehicles, electric bikes, electric motor car, powered wheelchair, hand golf car, etc
    Electric Bike battery 12v20ah 6-DZM-20 E bicycle battery Electric Scooter Battery 12V20Ah
    Lead  Acid  Battery  Model Nominal  Voltage/V Discharge  Time Rated  Capacity  /Ah Extermal  Dimentions  /mm Weight  /kg
    Length Windth Height Total  Height(+2)
    6-DZM-10 12 2hr 10 151 100 95 100 4.2 
    6-DZM-12 12 2hr 12 151 100 97 103 4.4 
    6-DZM-20 12 2hr 20 180 76 170 172 7.0 
    6-DZM-28 12 2hr 28 175 166 125 127 9.5 
    6-FM-35 12 10hr 35 267 77 170 172 10.2 
    6-FM-42 12 5hr 48 196 164 175 177 16.0 
    Product  Features:
    1:   Mileage  long:   The  endurance  mileage  than  a  similar  battery  of  the  market  increased  by  15%;
    2:   Long  life:   8%  longer  service  life  than  similar  batteries;
    3:   Environmental  cadmium:   Cadmium-free  green;
    1:   The  same  group  use  the  same  tank  battery,   not  to  the  different  specifications,   different  manufacturers,   mix  old  and  new  batteries;
    2:   Avoid  positive  and  negative  short-circuit;
    3:   Avoid  battery  protection  voltage  used  again;
    4:   Use  process  should  avoid  strong  vibration  or  mechanical  damage;
    5:   Do  not  charge  and  discharge  using  the  process  beyond  the  scope  of  technical  parameters  (voltage,   current)  requirements;
    6:   Keep  away  from  heat,   sources  of  ignition,   avoid  direct  sunlight;
    7:   Keep  out  of  reach  of  children;
    8:   Battery  maintenance  process  to  avoid  the  sulfuric  acid  solution  stick  to  the  eyes  or  skin,   such  as  the  occasional  occurrence  of  stains  skin,   clothing,   immediately  with  plenty  of  water;   Serious  to  be  taken  to  the  hospital  for  treatment;
    9:   Do  not  use  chemical  cleaning  agent  to  clean  the  battery;
    10:   Abandoned  old  battery  should  be  stored  centrally  to  the  designated  location  or  recovered  by  the  battery  manufacturers;
    11:   The  battery  for  the  electric  car  batteries,   such  as  used  for  other  purposes,   please  consult  the  manufacturer.
    Common  Faults  and  exclusion:
    1:   Electric  car  battery  need  to  maintain  it?
    A:   The  need  to.   Battery  during  the  charging  process  will  produce  a  hydrogen-oxygen  gas,   most  of  the  gas  within  the  battery  compound  into  the  water,   only  a  small  portion  of  the  gas  through  the  relief  valve  discharge  the  battery  for  a  long  time  will  cause  the  battery  to  water  loss.   So  your  electric  car  in  use
    8-10  months  after  charging  power  box  hot  best  to  battery  operation  shop  or  repair  shop  plus  liquid  maintenance
    2:   Electric  bicycles  continue  the  mileage  short  battery  problem?
    A:   Not  necessarily.   When  the  battery  aging,   decreased  capacity,   continue  the  mileage  will  be  short,   but  the  following  does  not  belong  to  the  battery  problem  will  lead  to  continued  mileage  shorter:
    1)  When  the  motor  efficiency  drops,   doing  useful  work  increases,   a  waste  of  electricity,   to  continue  the  mileage  shorter;
    2)  inferior  charger  to  charge  the  battery  every  day  due  to  charge,   the  battery  capacity  is  insufficient  continue  the  mileage  dropped  shorter;
    3)  controller  adverse  electric  cars  starting  current  is  too  large,   long  starting  times  wasting  electricity,   resulting  in  electric  car  continued  line  shorter;
    4)  poor  quality  of  electric  vehicles  all  moving  parts  of  the  coefficient  of  friction  is  too  large  or  too  mechanical  transmission  resistance  can  be  wasteful  power,   and  lead  to  continued  mileage  shorter
    3:   Summer  use  of  electric  vehicles  should  pay  attention  to  what  matters?
    A:   1)  Avoid  high  temperature  and  sun  exposure  charge  in  a  high  temperature  environment  is  strictly  prohibited;
    2)  avoid  traveling  at  high  temperatures  immediately  after  charging,   to  prevent  long  charging  time  (normal  8  hours);
    3)  when  the  battery  is  charging  power  box  hot,   or  not  to  green  light,   it  is  timely  to  battery  operation  shop  or  repair  shop  for  inspection  and  maintenance  of  the  battery  or  charger;
    4:   Winter  use  of  electric  vehicles  will  appear  what  circumstances,   how  to  avoid?
    A:   1)  the  use  of  electric  vehicles  in  winter  you  will  feel  Continued  trip  mileage  decreased  more  obvious  (Northern),   this  is  a  normal  phenomenon;
    2)  due  to  the  low  temperature  environment  next  to  the  battery  charge  acceptance  ability  to  reduce,   Furthermore  electrolyte  viscosity  increase,   an  electrochemical  reaction  resistance  increases,   resulting  in  the  decline  in  battery  capacity.   Therefore,   you  should  avoid  use  in  winter  outdoor  electric  cars  on  overnight  charging  in  a  low  temperature  environment;


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